Victoria Poleva, composer

MM belongs to a new generation of musicians. I was lucky to have him conducting my music and can say with confidence that he is a successful prominent conductor with an unique style, very precise gestures and profound understanding of what is essential in music.

Alexey Retinsky, composer

Conductor MM possesses a powerful talent to capture the orchestra players’ will and organise it into an unified flow which transforms audience’s consciousness.

Giya Kancheli, composer

Some time in the past I asked my friend, Kyiv conservatory professor Roman Kofman, to provide an assistance to a young man, MM, an aspiring conductor. 12 years have past since then. Mikheil successfully graduated from Kyiv conservatory and has become an highly professional conductor. I’m happy I was able, in a way, contribute to his musical career. Mikheil is currently working in Austria and I sincerely wish him success.

Alla Zagaykevych, composer

MM is a conductor with an in-depth understanding of the contemporary music context. He has an unique sense of time flow in every composition and a talent for “hearing” inner currents of music.

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